What to do BEFORE Interior Photography Shooting (Tips)

In this video, I talk about what to do before interior photography shooting. I share 5 tips before arriving to the site and 3 more when you start the interior photography shooting.

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – How I come to choose ‘Interior Photography’ as my style
01:11 – Practical tips before going to the interior photography location
3:31 – Practical tips when arriving to the interior photography site

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Video script (Brief):
This video gives you tips for before interior photography shooting. What to do when you arrive to the site? How to prepare for the interior photography shooting? and how to start with the shoot. This is Eyad from ‘Zero to Hero’ photography, and before we start with the tips for interior photography shooting, SUBSCRIBE to my channel and activate the notification bell to get the latest of my videos.

In pursuing my hobby of learning photography, I’ve taken a few training courses and lately, this I have decided to combine my experience and my exposure for the architecture and interior design, for the shooting sessions that I had before, with my hobby, so I signed up for an architecture and interior design training course and i’m learning a lot of things that I’m going to share with you guys, and I’m going to be demonstrating my learnings on reality, taking some pictures of my friends’ houses and maybe my house, and share them with you here. I’ve combined practical tips when starting photography for a real estate project and here we go!

One, before arriving to the property you need to understand the style behind the design or architecture of the building. See if there’s history behind it or not, see if there’s a story behind it as well understand, or try to research or study, the style of that house in order to reflect it in your photos. Two, when you arrive to the property, don’t start taking shots immediately, take a walk around the house, speak to the owners, understand more about the story behind it and check the place if it’s ready for photo shooting or not. Three, keep your gear in the kitchen.

In order to keep it out of your way and not to lose them, it’s better to place them in one place and the kitchen is the best place to keep them at. Because the kitchen photography can be complicated and might take some time from you, so keep the kitchen for the last stage of your photography and keep your gear there. Four, check the direction of the sun and the weather situation.

If it affects your photography, you might want to start taking shots of, taking photos in the rooms that the sun is affecting them more than other ones. Five, you’re not gonna clean the house for the owners, however, it’s better to remove the small things that you see or hide the wires or whatever needs to be hidden, in order to have smoother photography when you take when you start the photography project. You’re gonna be moving fast, so cleaning the way or getting the things out of the way will help you move smoothly. And now, it’s time to start shooting!

What you need to do is, first, take the essential gear with you, carry it in a small pouch or in your pockets in order to have a smoother and faster shooting around across the house. Two, identify the money shots in the house or the property. ‘Money Shots’ means, the hottest areas in the house that will take some time to perfect them and look them nicer. Because these are the ones that would sell the beauty of the house or the property. That’s why you need to identify them in your walk. Three, start taking pictures of the non-money shots. These ones should take less time from you and should go quickly through them. Take them, get them out of the way and then focus on the money shots. The kitchen, for example, is a hot money shot, that’s why we get it to the end, because it’s a little bit complicated and might need extra preparations. If you like my tips, hit the LIKE button for the sake of the YouTube algorithm and I’ll see you in future videos. Bye bye!

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