Wardrobe Designs For The Fashion Conscious

If you’re someone who lives by the latest fashion and is constantly checking the page 3 column to follow the latest celebrity design trends, then you will know that a well-organized wardrobe is essential to showcase your fashion finds! Your wardrobe should not only look good, but it should offer practical storage spaces for all your clothes and accessories—and we will show exactly how you can go about doing this!

But before diving in, let us give you a little preview in this short video:

Types Of Clothes

You will have to plan to store all your various kinds of clothes – dresses, trousers, skirts, ethnic clothes, elegant formal wear, funky party wear, comfy pyjamas and more as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Are you more comfortable hanging up your clothes? If so, then plan for more hanging space in your wardrobe. If you are the kind who loves to fold and keep your clothes in neat stacks, then add more shelves. Make sure the shelves are not too far apart; as tall stacks of folded clothes can become unwieldy and topple over. Shelves that are one foot apart would be the ideal height. Here’s a handy tip: any clothes that will crease are best stored on hangers.

Fashion Accessories

The fashion-conscious can never have enough fashion accessories! Hairpieces, ribbons, earrings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, bangles, hats, belts, watches and any other stylish statements that you own need to be put away in a way that will give you easy access without having to rummage through piles of stuff. Your bedroom will most surely have a mirror, and the ideal place to store small accessories is in a chest of drawers next to the dressing area or a vanity table if you have one.

But if you do not have the luxury of having a chest of drawers in your room, then a couple of drawers in the wardrobe should be exclusively designed to hold accessories. Plan for shallow drawers, not more than 3 inches deep, and add separators that will keep each set of accessories in its own compartment.

fashion accessories

Wardrobe Loft

You will definitely need a loft to store bulky items like suitcases out of the way. Store boxes that don’t need to be taken out often right on top.


Unless your hats are stored properly, they can get bent out of shape. The best way to keep them looking like new is to have a hat stand, where you can hang them when they are not in use. Get a stylish piece that can be placed in your room and showcases your prized possession as a piece of art. You can also get a couple of inexpensive hooks installed in a way that you like and place your hats on them to create a wall art of hats.

If you are not a fan of displaying your hats, you can place them in your wardrobe right below your clothes that are hung


No fashion-conscious person’s wardrobe is complete without the right shoes to suit each outfit! You could design a couple of drawers for shoes at the bottom of your wardrobe, but ideally, if you love collecting shoes and have plenty of them, you should consider creating a space just for them. The most priced of your footwear should be kept in their boxes at the bottom of your wardrobe.


Think about how often you like to change your bags. If you need it to coordinate with each outfit, make sure that they are easily accessible (if that means the top of the wardrobe or at the bottom, so be it). Otherwise, you can store them away in a part of the wardrobe you do not use much. On the inside of your wardrobe door, or to one side of the hanging space you can add a series of hooks from which you can hang bags, scarves and stoles, belts, ties, hats and so on. Knot the scarves so that they do not slide down and pile up on the floor of the cabinet.

Wardrobe Layout For Fashion Conscious

Here’s what a wardrobe layout for a fashion-conscious man could look like:men's wardrobe design idea

Here’s what a wardrobe layout for a fashion-conscious woman could look like:women's wardrobe design idea

Here’s what the common area of a wardrobe shared by a couple who are fashion conscious could look like:

wardrobe design idea

Rule of thumb when you are organizing your wardrobe: group like things together, and plan every inch of available space in your wardrobe. Customize your shelving and drawers to fit the clothes you need to store. If you colour code each category of clothes, it will be very easy to find what you are looking for, especially when you mix and match options to make your style statement. For help with the customization, the designers at HomeLane are always available!

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