Shingle Stool Pulls Triple Duty in Flexible Working Environments

A rocking stool, a container and a partition wall when stacked. Shingle stool really does a lot. Designed by Laura Jungmann and Jonathan Radetz, and named for the appearance of the edge of its rounded rockers, this piece of furniture is ready to take on the flexible working environments of today and tomorrow. The stool can act as mobile seating as well as visual or acoustic shielding in open office plans. Once stacked, you’ll notice how Shingle’s rounded edge turns into a graphic element – similar to a shingled roof! Flip the stool upside down and it can easily be carried as a container, handle and all. Shingle stools are made of Solid Textile Boards by REALLY, a wood-like material made from scraps of fabric and used as a sustainable board material in furniture and architecture.

rocking stool

person sitting on rocking stool

stacked stools

stacked stools

hand holding stool upside down

rocking stool in office environment

stacked rocking stool in office environment

rocking stool

rocking stool

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Photos by Katrin Lautenbach.

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