Science & Technology Q&A for Kids (and others) [Part 42]

Stephen Wolfram hosts a live and unscripted Ask Me Anything about science and technology for all ages. Find the playlist of Q&A’s here:

Originally livestreamed at:

Outline of Q&A
0:00 Stream starts
1:22 Stephen begins the stream
1:45 What is beta decay?
46:46 I’m confused about the mass of quarks inside of protons/neutrons, somewhere I saw numbers of only a few electrons and the rest is binding energy?
56:35 do you think you’ll be able to wirelessly “charge” your house in your lifetime? [like Tesla’s wireless electricity experiment but practical]
1:04:37 Didn’t Tesla invent wireless electricity?
1:04:50 Does solar count as wireless charging?
1:06:37 Can human electro magnetic field interfere with electricity?
1:13:09 What is something you have recently changed your perspective or opinion about?
1:20:05 “I’ve answered why there is something instead of nothing, tune in next week”

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