Mood Board Monday: 5 Bedroom Wall Ideas


Mood board Monday is a series I am going to start writing biweekly for other forms of home inspiration. For the past month or so we have been doing some updates to our main bedroom and today I am sharing with you some of the thought processes that I have been having when redecorating. First, we started with the wallpaper addition, which you can find here [HERE], and then we added hooks to our large empty wall that you can see more of here [HERE].

Now we are moving to the wall that our bed is currently up against. My goal for this wall is to keep things pretty and simple. We added some sconces for extra lighting and curtains for privacy. You can find both of those sources below. While I am deciding if I want to add something above our bed, I thought I would mock up some ideas to share with you in hopes that you will find inspiration for your own bedrooms.

// Wall Sconces (Sold out, Here is a similar Option) // Curtains// Bedding //

Option 1:

// Papier-Mache Round Mirror //

I chose this mirror because it doubles as a piece of art. While it won’t be used purposefully as a mirror, It will add depth to the room and another focal point as it is such a striking mirror.

Option 2:

// Garden Vintage Print //

I love this option so much. Our room is kind of taking on a garden theme, and this print would fit perfectly in here!

Option 3:

// Floating Shelf // Floral Print // Wooden Bunny // Dried Floral //

A floating shelf is a great option if you are someone that likes to change things up a lot. You can add and remove things to the shelf as you please. I added a floral print, pressed dried florals, and a bunny because I have to find a way to work a bunny in every room of our home. haha!

Option 4:


// Gallery Wall Prints //

If one single print is too simple for you, maybe try a gallery wall instead! I found this great option [linked above] that allows you to purchase the gallery wall as a set! How cool is that!


Option 5:

// vintage art print //

Here is another option for a simple piece of wall art, but this time it is a little longer in length. I like this option because it fills up the wall without feeling crowded and overwhelming.

Bonus Option 6:

// Mirror // Similar Options Here and Here, and Here //

This option is the closest that we ended up going to. The mirror that I found was an antique find, however, these wooden mirror options are similar and I even considered purchasing if I didn’t find an antique option that I liked.  

What option do you like best? Is there anything that you would like to see designed in an upcoming Mood Board Monday? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie


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