Lone Star restoration Ford Zodiac estate no.14. Diecast Model

In this video, I present the Ford Zodiac Estate. It is typical of the Impy series. Model sizes of this British company ranged from 1 to 43 and 1 to 50. In England there were a lot of companies producing cast models, so Lone tried to win customers by building models with crystal reflectors like Corgi. The video is subtitled in multiple languages. For subtitles in english at the bottom of the movie press C on computer or three dots on mobile in video.
In most models, everything opened up in them. My Ford Zodiac needed new crystal headlights. First, I made an unsuccessful attempt to mount on a plastic stand. Eventually, I mounted them on an epoxy putty from the Japanese company Tamiya. I was also able to make a copy of the box in which the model was packed.
I thank you for watching. I publish videos with repairing cars on YouTube on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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