Limbo – Easter Egg Location Guide on Mobile Phone (Pinoy Plays) Part 2

Time Stamps

Easter Egg #3 It’s Stuck – 11:52

Easter Egg #4 Urban Exploration – 19:15

About the game:
Limbo is a puzzle-platform video game developed by independent studio Playdead. The Easter Eggs is just like a glowing eggs that you pick up to get most of the achievements in the game. There are 11 Easter Egg in the whole game you can unlock the secret ending when you pick up all the 11 eggs.


Kamusta mga tol matagal tagal rin simula nong huli kong upload hehehe. Sana mag enjoy kayo salamat sa suporta. Pasensya na rin ngayon lang nagkaroon ng libreng oras hahaha.


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