Kodaikanal | kookal | Mannavanur | Kodaikanal tourist places in Hindi | kookal eco farms | tamilnadu

Kodaikanal | kookal | Mannavanur | Kodaikanal tourist places in Hindi | kookal eco farms | tamilnadu
In this video you will see a very beautiful and scenic village kookal which is around 30 kms away from Queen of hill stations kodaikanal.
Apart from kookal another village mannavanur is also shown. Mannavanur have a sheep and rabbit research center and also mannavanur lake is located inside it. It is also around 30 Kms away from Kodaikanal.

***********About Kodaikanal***********
1. It is a hill station located in the Dindigil district in the Indian state of Tamilnadu.
2. It’s name in Tamil language means ‘ gift of forest’.
3.koadaikanal also called as ‘Princess of Hill stations’.
4. Was established in 1845.

***********How to reach Kodaikanal************
1. By Air : Nearest Airport is Madurai. Around 120 Kms away from city.
2. By Train: kodaikanal railway station is around 80 Kms away from town.

***********About Kookal******************
It’s a small villages near kodaikanal.Around 500 houses are there. kodaikanal being a popular hill station is crowded with tourists but kookal is untouched beauty as very few people know about it.

If you are visiting Kodaikanal, don’t miss to visit kookal. It’s a very beautiful and scenic hill village.

**********How to reach Kookal***********

1. By Taxi
2. By state transport bus: You will get bus from kodaikanal bus stand. There are two buses: 1 morning and 1 evening.
Please confirm exact timings from bus stand.

************Where to stay in Kookal************

We stayed at ‘kookal eco farms’ and had great stay there. They have 1 hut and many different kinds of tent.
This resort is managed by caretaker Mani and food is also cooked by his wife.
Mani is a great person and have good knowledge of English.
Villagers speaks Tamil and Don’t understand other languages.

**************About Mannavanur*********
It’s a very beautiful and scenic village. It have a sheep and rabbit research center. Here you can see numerous varieties of rabbits. Timings are 9 AM to 5 PM. Last entry is allowed 10 mins before 5pm.
Entry ticket: 20 Rs

We highly recommend this resort.

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5. Sheep and rabbit Research center Mannavanur

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