Introducing Our First Lambs Of 2021!

We have some exciting news to share on the farm this week! Lambing season has begun! We have two new baby lambs, Boots and Wellington [Welly] were born on March 30th sometime between noon and 3pm. Of course all the excitement happened while we were in a meeting & we caught it on our afternoon check.. what a fun surprise! Their momma, Puddles, is doing great and we are so proud of her for taking care of them. Spring is always an exciting time of year here on the farm as it brings so much new life. We are so excited to be able to spend time as a family playing in the field with them.

If you are wondering which one is which, Boots looks like he has little boots on his hooves. His name came naturally to me the second that I saw him. We named Welly after the Welly Rain Boot. They also both go well with their mother’s name, Puddles. If you are curious about the family tree of the lambs, we shared it in this blog post here[HERE].

I’m always so nervous for the first couple of days to make sure that the lambs are being fed enough and are latching on to their mom. Puddles seems to be taking to Welly very well, but isn’t taking to Boots. So we are monitoring Boots and making sure that he gets fed enough by supplementing with bottle feeding.

Both Boots and Welly are going to grow up to be Rams. So to have both of these lambs be male is going to be a challenge when they grow older so we have decisions to make now. We will of course keep you posted on our decision on our lambs and where they end up.

We are overjoyed to have new life on the farm this week. How many more lambs do you think will be born this spring? Take your guess on either Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and everyday!

xx Liz Marie

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