Interior 101: Tropical Island Vibes

Creating living spaces that resemble an exotic tropical island is fast becoming one of the most popular and fashionable home décor trends. A few of the simplest ways to achieve this look in your house or apartment involves incorporating:

  • Wall murals
  • Hawaiian print bedding
  • Gallery wall pattern artwork
  • Room accessories such as area rugs, pillows or throws
  • Tropical fabric for furniture such as an armchair, headboard or curtains
  • Large potted indoor plants such as rubber trees or leaves such as fig, elephant ear, palm or birds of paradise
  • A central wall painted in colours such as lime green or emerald green
  • Wallpaper in tropical prints (in easy-to-peel changeable styles)

Let’s have a look at how tropical island designs fit into contemporary interior living. Below are some key features of incorporating this bohemian and exotic look into your living space and making it a haven of delight. 

Tropical Style Décor

The Tropical island style is among the decade’s top home décor trends and includes wall coverings with spunky and bold, jungle-based prints. This bright and cheery décor converts your home into a sanctuary, no matter where you are. Upscaling your home interiors into a tropical harbour is not just about including plants. Opt for big colours, suitable accents and earthy indoor palms to make your sunny remodelling complete.

Maximalist Elegance

Ever been to a tropical garden? If you have, you are aware that there is no way to restrict the foliage and hue; it expands to all places. Copy this no-rules aesthetic to your home décor by layering it with texture and colour. You can transform a patio into a tropical retreat with interior facets like foliage and towering palms, stunning tiles, console tables and striped grey-and-white walls. 

Highlight a Minimalist Style

Not many like the maximalist trend/style. If you’re not a fan of bold, bright colours and a mélange of patterns, you can create the jungle look regardless. What’s the solution? Select the right accents. A basic, unadorned white-walled office still has a tropical feel owing to some attentive choices such as matching prints and leafy plants. The consequent results are home interiors with an island avant-garde vibe.

Play with Lighting

It is simpler to convert a sunny room into a tropical haven. A majority of jungle plants require a lot of light, and there is a tropical feel to sunshine. Even if the room you would like to remodel lacks sunny windows, you can still get a tropical island décor look. A large round mirror makes the light bounce back, and the living space looks sunnier and brighter.

The Colour Blue for a Coastal Jungle Vibe                   

If one had to choose one colour for their tropical haven, – it would have to be blue. Combined with a few plants, neutral home interiors and dark wood, this colour represents a coastal jungle vibe. Interior designers weave this colour into their tropical-themed dining room, and the results show that the colour tones down space. 

Small Details Make a World of a Difference

A tropical-themed space is furnished well with small details and little things. Tropical island décor hints like rope-wrapped bed corners and green pillows add a touch of confidence. Rugs with monstera leave act as an excellent substitute if you’re not plant-friendly or if you want the room to be free from plants and foliage.

Bold and Spunky Wallpaper

If you’d like a feel of the tropical world and not just a space adorned like a jungle, wall-to-wall wallpaper is the only technique. Modern designs are not like past trends, and they are remarkably simple to install. Tropical themes utilize palm tree wallpaper and a real palm tree to produce a tropical escape comforting and high quality. 

Animal Artwork Décor

Aside from large illustrations of palm leaves, there is no better artwork to apply to home décor than animal artwork.  Animal artwork is highly suitable for nurseries, and – your child will grow up in an environment with tropical inspiration. Go ahead and put up fun-loving pictures of baby animals on top of a wall that is covered with foliage to give your child a tropical-themed nursery.

To conclude, tropical island vibes in home interiors represent a carefree, fun-loving and playful persona. You may not be able to go to an island, but you can create home interiors to savour throughout the year. HomeLane offers the homeowner organised, customised and stunning home designs, bringing together style and functionality. 

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