Design Review Board April 6, 2021

Design Review Board
April 6, 2021
6:30 PM

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New Business
A) Application CERD21-001030: Applicant Brian L. South requests approval of seven single family residences at the northeast intersection of Cumberland Lane SE and Union St. SE (TMP 121- 30-04-010).
B) Application CERD21-001032: Applicant Atul Patel requests approval of new construction of a convenience store with fuel stations at 1230 Richland Ave E ( TMP 121- 11-02-004).
C) Application CERH21- 029- AMENDMENT: Applicant Joseph L. Harrison requests approval to amend the location for the detached garage with second floor living space approved for construction at 234 Sumter St. SE ( TMP 121- 10- 26- 013).
D) Application CERH21- 044: Applicants Kenneth W. Quigley& Marjon van Eyk request approval of roof replacement and removal of 2 chimneys at 332 Newberry St. SW (TMP 10512-04-004).
E) Application CERH21- 045: Applicant Victoria Halliday requests demolition and new construction of a rear addition to a residence at 524 Colleton Ave. SE ( TMP 121- 09- 08- 013).
F) Consideration of Revisions to the Historic Overlay District Approval Matrix.

Additional information regarding previous submittal.


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