Can an electric outboard survive offshore? Testing the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo – Ep145 – TSF

Training season is still kicking hard. Along with the usual training routine in La Turballe I got to go and play with some other Minis in Lorient and in La Rochelle.

Great time and perfect layout to test a new toy, an electric outboard that looks promising, here is for more specs:

Spirit 1.0 Evo | 3HP Electric Outboard Motor:
– Hydro generation: Charging battery while sailing
– Safety wristband compatible: Provides emergency shut-down in case of a man overboard
– Hydrogeneration: Charging battery while sailing. From 4 knots, the hydro generation can be activated and charges around 40W. At 10 knots, you have around 300W recharging power. Over 10 knots, Spirit 1.0 Evo will enter protection mode and the hydrogeneration power will not increase.
For more info please visit, or stop by a dealer to check out the product in person.

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