AETNA's Disability Insurance Company was bought by The Hartford. What does that mean for your claim?

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Aetna’s Disability Insurance Company was bought by Hartford…. What does that mean to your Aetna Disability Claim? – Disability Attorney John V. Tucker explains.

Many people are insured or were insured by Aetna, and they don’t know that Hartford has bought Aetna’s book of business. Unfortunately, Hartford historically is more aggressive in their claims handling than Aetna, particularly since they made no money on the premiums of these claims; they’re likely looking to cut people off.

Watch as Disability Attorney John V. Tucker explains what to look out for:
• Heightened activity on your file
• Possible surveillance
• Adjusters taking more a rigorous look at your claim
• Credit pulls
• Examining your social media posts

Disability Attorney John V. Tucker also offers suggestions on how to combat this:
• Go to the doctor regularly, make sure your doctors know all your symptoms
• Keep a disability journal to write down what’s happening in your world
• Lock down your social media settings

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