8 Things You Must Know About Semi-Modular Kitchens

You’ve definitely heard of modular kitchens. What, however, is a semi-modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are those that can be completely dismantled and reassembled in a new location. Before installing a modular kitchen, the entire space is completely empty; perhaps the plumbing and electrical points would be in place already, but there are no fixed counters or slabs.

Semi-modular kitchens already have some components that have been crafted on site. For instance, if your builder has already given you a granite counter with a supporting slab and some brick partitions below the counter, then your kitchen cabinets have to be created around the existing structure; and you are actually looking at a semi-modular style.

Semi-modular kitchens are a hybrid of fully modular and carpenter-crafted kitchens. What you get is the best of both worlds! What must you consider when designing a Semi-Modular Kitchen?

1. Semi-Modular Kitchen Structure

Unlike fully modular kitchens, semi-modular kitchens are built on-site and not at the factory. Some elements, like the shutters and upper cabinets, would probably be factory-made and will be brought in finished condition to the site, ready to assemble. In many cases the cabinets are not composed of closed boxes; each cabinet shares the sides with the adjoining cabinet. The cabinets below the counter may have the kitchen wall as the back face, and not ply or wood.

2. Ideal Site Condition

If your kitchen has an existing countertop and/or pillars below the counter, then the best option is a semi-modular kitchen.

3. Semi-Modular Kitchen Finish and Quality

To a large extent, the finish and quality will depend on the vendor you choose. Some vendors may use imported shutters in these kitchens, while others may choose to do most of the work through a carpenter on-site. If executed well, it is hard to tell apart semi-modular kitchens from fully modular ones.

4. Ease of Repair

Semi-modular kitchens need to be repaired on-site. Unlike their modular equivalents, they cannot be dismantled and then reassembled at another site.

5. Customising a Semi-Modular Kitchen

One of the biggest advantages of semi-modular kitchens is that they can be customised at a module level. This means that you can change the height, breadth, and width of a unit to a large extent, as unit sizes are not standardized. This also means that every inch of space can be utilised to the fullest extent – predetermined sizes of modules do not constraint this. You can also choose the colour from a large variety of options.

6. Cost of a Semi-Modular Kitchen

Arguably the greatest advantage of a semi-modular kitchen is the cost factor. These kitchens are more cost-effective than their modular equivalents for several reasons. Material usage is reduced, as the cabinets share a common side, and in many cases, the back surface is the kitchen wall itself.

7. Delivery and Installation Time

The time frame for completion of a semi-modular kitchen could take longer than the 45-day delivery that is promised for fully modular kitchens. The installation involves extensive on-site work, and there will usually be a greater degree of customisation based on existing site conditions. Due to this, the time for installation may extend beyond what is possible for a fully modular kitchen. Another disadvantage is that the final installation of a semi-modular kitchen will involve some amount of cutting and finishing done at the site, which could prove to be a nuisance if you have already moved into your new home.

8. Semi-Modular Kitchen Countertop

Usually, semi-modular kitchens are built around an existing countertop. In many cases in India, the builder offers the apartment with a pre-installed countertop. If this is the case for your new apartment, and you do not wish to get rid of the countertop that has been provided, you should opt for a semi-modular kitchen. There are many people who also remove the countertop provided and start with a completely empty space in order to get a fully modular kitchen installed. This, of course, is entirely your choice.

What do you think is the best route for you – modular or semi-modular? If modular seems like a better fit for your needs, do get in touch with our experts to discuss your options. Using our software, SpaceCraft, you can view all your choices incorporated into your home’s layout in real-time. You don’t have to imagine what your home will look like, you can see it on the screen! Also, you can gauge how much each of your choices will set you back. Check out some more kitchens designs from our HomeLane Modular Kitchen catalogue to be inspired now.

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