10 Ways To Decorate Your Home for Ugadi

Ugadi marks the first day of the Hindu lunar calendar. It is celebrated in a big way in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, at the same time that Gudi Padwa is celebrated in Maharashtra.

With Ugadi around the corner, it’s time for you to take stock of ways to refresh and decorate your home. Here are ten different Ugadi home decor ideas to update your home before the festival.

1. Flowers, Mango Leaves, Banana Tree

The traditional way of decorating for Ugadi is using flowers and mango leaves. Head to the local market to get the freshest bunches, and start decorating right from your entranceway.

Decorate your entrance and pooja room with thorans of yellow marigolds and mango leaves. Arrange to buy a small banana tree and place it at your door entrance. Use jasmine flowers and mango leaves for your pooja rituals.

2. Rangoli Designs for Ugadi

Make colourful floral patterns or rangolis in front of your house or indoors. You can buy the ready-made floor art stencil that comes in intricate patterns to make your task easier. You can also buy sticker rangolis if you are hard-pressed for time.

3. Decorate Your Pooja Room

Several poojas or rituals are done on Ugadi day. So polish and clean all your idols. Clean up your pooja room and arrange it beautifully to welcome the festivities.

Arranging a steel or bronze pot with coconut and mango leaves is a symbolic tradition followed during Ugadi. Place this in the pooja room in front of the idols.

Use elegant vintage metal or wooden trays to arrange the sweets you prepare as offerings.

4. New Furniture

Ugadi home decor ideas

It’s an excellent time to buy new pieces of furniture for your home. If you had been planning to buy a new sofa set, bed, dining chairs, or outdoor furniture, now is the time for it – buy new ones or get them custom-made to your tastes.

5. Revamp Your Kitchen

If anything in your kitchen needs an update, you should think about doing it now. Switch out your old gas stove, microwave oven, or toaster with new ones. Replace all broken or disfigured cutlery with new ones. Or step it up by revamping the entire kitchen cabinetry with more modern designs and materials.

6. Ugadi Festive Furnishings and Accents

Ugadi furnishing ideas

Decorate your sofas with silk cushions in traditional patterns or with zari borders for a festive look. Try and invest in some luxury linen or fresh sheets for your beds. Update your curtains with festive looking ones. Swap out old table linen and towels for brighter, newer ones.

Add decorative accents like ethnic Indian planter pots, wind chimes, terracotta sculptures, and artwork. Add a touch of tradition with brass doorbells or temple bells at your entrance or the pooja room entrance.

7. Dining Table Decor Ideas for Ugadi

On Ugadi day, you would prepare plenty of sweets and savoury items as offerings and celebrate with your family. Arrange the delicious puran polis, dry fruits sweets, rava ladoos, menaskai, coconut milk kheer, and mango rice in your best vessels, and deck up the dining table with a festive table runner and table mats. Use metal vessels – copper, bronze, or steel to reflect prosperity and new beginnings.

8. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers will instantly liven up any room. For Ugadi, buy fresh bunches of seasonal flowers and arrange them in elegant vases on your centre-table, dining table, and shelves. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with these beautiful floral displays.

9. Festive Lighting

Your home needs to be lit in a festive manner for Ugadi. Get some pretty, ethnic-patterned lamp shades or metallic ones – mount them on the wall, or set them up on tabletops, or get classy floor lamps.

Get string lights for your windows and special nooks—Amp up the lighting around your shelves, and artwork too.

Also, make sure you change any dim lamps or old ones to new ones – bring out all the light that you can to brighten up your home this season.

10. Re-Paint Your Home

Check if your walls need a refresh. Entrust a good painter team to redo all your walls. If you want to bring in a transformation, go for deep or bright colours or wallpapers on a few walls. Or have a few coats of the same paint colour applied to freshen up your rooms instantly.

Usher in the New Year in a Colourful Way

This Ugadi, decorate your home in a festive way to reflect positivity, happiness and warmth. HomeLane can help you update or redesign your home and furniture fitting your lifestyle. Call us today to discuss your thoughts.

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